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Cool emoticons we should have.

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Drool from the gear page is good.
Pictures from the Les Paul Forum.

I'd plug them in here but they don't map, I imagine they need to be installed or something.
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GuitarsCanada said:
Just copy them and send them to me, I will install them
I can't as soon as I try pasting them in a message or a PM they disappear. Or they get replaced with different ones that are defined here.
:crazyguy on the gear page
:drool on the gear page
:horse on the gear page
:photos on les paul forum
:## on les paul forum
:doh on les paul forum
None Stones Drool

yay, new emoticons

we should get this one too
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I think the This Thread is worthless without pics emoticon might have to be moved to the more page. She messing up things on the right when adding a post.

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