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ajcoholic said:
The only thing that I have to watch is the moose in the summer. They are deadly.

Amen, brother. However, the moose I know don't seem to distinguish the seasons. Nothing more freaky than cresting a hill and finding one, down on his knees, licking ice-melting salt off the road, arse in the air, spring-loaded to go, and no escape route. They took to using lithium chloride (once used for manic depression) on Alberta Hwy 40 to keep caribou from licking the salt, but all they got was a bunch of really mellow caribou, who were disinclined to sidestep hurtling logging trucks, sometimes with nasty results. Drive slowly! The Alaska Highway Speedbump of which ajcoholic speaks can really ruin one's day....forever; although a deer or a bear or even a dumb ass coyote can ruin your car, or worse. I lost a six-ply radial to a porcupine. I've seen deer become unwelcome front seat passengers, and ones that kick!

I get to be king of commuters in this thread. I routinely drive as much as 1400 km to work as a wellsite consultant. Admittedly, I stay there for a while before repeating the perfomance, and I try to do it in daylight as much as possible.

Presently I'm a mere 151 km from my home, gaw-leee! Nice view of the mountains from my office trailer.
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