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My GF (we are engaged) lives 140 km from my house. We are getting married and I plan to move to her town (I am already there at least 3 times a week and weekends). My shop & business is not mobile, and I really am established here. So, I plan to commute 4 days a week ( we are keeping my house as well as hers, so if I need to I can stay overnight without issue).

Its not that bad, I get up at 6am, leave by 6:30 and am at work for 8am. No traffic on the Northern highways generally and even in the winter things are OK.

The worst part is fuel, my expedition costs me near $50 a day but I started using her subaru which is $20 per round trip (280km).

I know people who have been doing the same commute for 15 years to work in the big mine/mill where she is.

The only thing that I have to watch is the moose in the summer. They are deadly.

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