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Cleaning scratchy pots

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I want to clean the pots on my crappy Marshall head before I sell it. Some are a little noisy.

I know DeoxIT is the ideal brand, but I don't really feel like spending $20 for a can and having it mailed to me. I went to Radio Shack (The Source) and they gave me a can of 'Contact and Head Cleaner'. They said it's the only stuff like that they have.

I looked on some threads about this, and someone called it 'Tuner Control Cleaner & Lubricant'.

Is this the same stuff? I used the can of Contact and Head Cleaner once, it didn't get rid of all the dirt in the pot but now some of the knobs are kind of sticking when you turn them.

I just want to be sure this is the right stuff before I try to clean them again.

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I use something called nu-trol Control Cleaner. It works really well.
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