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Cheap noise gate

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hi, i would like to know what noise gate would be the best. I like to play in distortion but my amp always make a death feedback (really hurt my ears) and then one of my friend showed me a deluxe big muff fuzz pedal and it had a noise gate on it, the feedback was gone. Unfortunately, i dont have a really big budget, only around 75-100$ So, what do you suggest?
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Also i would like to add, for me it will be a game changer, with music at schools and big familly reunion, i need to turn the volume up so that the people can hear me but with the, the feedback is louder. Not good for me, not good for the spectator.
What do you mean by feedback? Noise gates usually get rid of hum when you stop playing.
I say feedback because its as annoying as putting your guitar close to the speaker (i was always told that it was called feedback) plus the hum of a single coil. I tried with different guitar but the ¨feedback¨ is always there.
You don't need a noisegate per se, you probably need to use less gain.
Its not just gain. Its almost everything that cause the feedback (in my amp). I think the clean channel is safe but i never use it. Also, don't take it as an insult but, anything that i say that it would be nice to have, you say that i don't need it. I understand for the other stuff like the pickup, pedals and other but this problem is a serious problem for me
Wow, i looked at the price of the pedal, even on ebay. Also its 75-100 in cad. At this price, i wonder i i should get a pedal with a gate integrated in it
Oh i forgot to mention, sure ill buy pedal in the future but for now i use the integrated pedal effect integrated in my amp, (yay it have a simulation of a TS9) so i got lods of pedal to choose from. (Not the actual setting of my amp)
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Are you using singlecoils in a room with fluorescent lights?
Nope, humbucker
Are you using singlecoils in a room with fluorescent lights?
I already tried a telecaster in a place with fluorescent light and it is way different than the noise my amp create
If you put your guitar close to the speaker it's going to feed back. I think you are suffering from poor technique as much as 60 cycle hum.
Huh? I don't get it?
Sounds to me like you are describing microphonic feedback- is it a very high pitched squeal that happens even if you use your hands to mute the strings (place your hand on them to prevent the strings from vibrating)?
I try to mute them then it stops but there is a huge, i don't know how to describe the noise but it is very unpleasant and a soon as i slightly move my hand it screams. Also i would like to add, my vox can go up to 30w. Its kinda missleading a bit.
Don't have your amp behind or in front of you, have it on the side.
I always play far and ln the side of my amp. But it still squeal/feedback/unpleasant sound
Also, ill remove the guitar factor here cuz i tryed a jackson soloist with emg 81/85, ibanez rg 370 sd sh4 jb and a flying v burstbucker pro. They all do the same
Humor me: what amp sim are you using and what is your gain set to?
Gain is set to the half and amp sim is i think uk metal or us metal. Add a tube od effect and not much else
Don't expect to keep up to a drummer's volume with that amp.
I do keep up with a drummer. Friend's kit and the school's kit. It's loud enough
Well actually, i had plenty of time to practice in clean. Better than clean, no amp at all lol for a pretty long time (for me)
But now i think we drift off subject a little bit
If you are getting squealing and feedback type noises, it can be pickup problems, where you're standing, the type and amount of gain you're using, even the guitar (a Gretsch archtop will squeal while an LP is quiet as a mouse) or a number of other things. Reducing the gain until you find the culprit is the solution. A noise-gate, once opened up (when you play) will lead you to the same problems. And once they start, the noise gate won't mask them, You need to mute the signal to get the gate to engage again.
Well actually the noise that is disturbing is only at idle when i do nothing, when i start playing the sound is not there anymore
A-HA! Do you use a compressor, or a compression effect on your amp?
One of the things that compressors do is treat any noise remaining when you stop playing as a low-level signal that desperately needs boosting. It's such a common consequence that there is an industry-wide term for when that happens: "breathing". That is, when you stop playing, the compressor brings in greatly-amplified input noise so that it sounds like a person taking a deep inhale.

One of my favorite-ever compressors was one I made for myself using the SSM2166 chip. The chip includes downward expansion and compression capabilities such that anything below a certain minimum signal level is reduced even further. The result is dead quiet compressor function when you stop playing.

So maybe your noise problem stems from too much compression?
Nope, never use compression. I put marshall jcm800 simulation, gain,treble,mid,bass all at the middle and a Ibanez TS9 tube screamer simulation
Go at 1:30min, thats the kind of noise that i get
Also, i cant lower the gain, lemme explain, yesterday i did a show for a small group of people with my friend, my amp was in front of me, i was far away from the amp and the gain was set to maybe 2 but at this point, i cranked the volume/master and power setting to the max and it was really quiet, i cranked the gain just a bit and i got all the power of my amp. Btw, can someone explain me the difference between volume and master?
Think of your amp as two seperate amps. The pre amp and the power amp. The preamp adds most of the gain to the guitar signal and feeds it to the power amp. The power amp amplifies it for more volume.

The volume control (also known as a gain control) controls the output of the preamp. The master controls the output of the power amp.

By keeping the master volume low, and cranking the volume knob your pushing the preamp harder without the massive volume you'd get from pushing both sections together.
Hmm, very knteresting, so i put the go,ume knob lower when i put the master at max?
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