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Cheap noise gate

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hi, i would like to know what noise gate would be the best. I like to play in distortion but my amp always make a death feedback (really hurt my ears) and then one of my friend showed me a deluxe big muff fuzz pedal and it had a noise gate on it, the feedback was gone. Unfortunately, i dont have a really big budget, only around 75-100$ So, what do you suggest?
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I was ordering stuff anyway so I grabbed a Talent (kind of the American version of Apex; they recently came out weith a line of Mooer style supermini pedals) Noise Gate pedal for a firiend (and a tuner for me). The entire line is US$30 +/- (dependng on the pedal) on sale (introductary pricing?). The gate works well; my friend used it last jam after adding 6 more pedals to his chain for recording. The tuner is actually decent too; got it for the pedalboard so I could take the Peterson Strobostomp home for setup work. I usually would stay away, but at this price, even if it breaks in a year that's not bad. The build definitely looks more solid than my Biyang delay.

"Talent GT-NG GATED Noise Gate Guitar Mini FX Pedal Stomp Box" from!

Still on sale. The line even includes a power supply (seems like a miniaturised clone of the original MXR DC brick - 9V only and no isolation; but that's fine for most people).

NEW Talent Pedals and Accessories

The shipping ain't so bad (choose the 'economy' option which includes all duties and taxes so no surprises; if you don't see it , that means there's at least one item in your order that does not qualify - these pedals do; try removing things or call their 1-800 number).
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A gate can help with feedback when playing in high gain situations; it is literally like an auto volume cut when you stop playing (and auto on again when you start). If that's the issue.
It's called sludge, dude. Notice he's using a Dark Terror too; doesn't help with the definition. And that's not even so bad (relative to some stuff I've heard).
Yeah - I meant sludge tone not necessarily the genre. He was also probably cranking it to get more noise/feedback (the better to school the kids who are legit making that mistake, on noise gates; we've all been there).
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