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Cheap noise gate

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hi, i would like to know what noise gate would be the best. I like to play in distortion but my amp always make a death feedback (really hurt my ears) and then one of my friend showed me a deluxe big muff fuzz pedal and it had a noise gate on it, the feedback was gone. Unfortunately, i dont have a really big budget, only around 75-100$ So, what do you suggest?
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I found my Boss NS2 wored great, but only if used as a send/return loop.
In my experience if you're using multiple gain pedals together you'll want a seperate gate pedal with a loop function to silence them all.
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Don't expect to keep up to a drummer's volume with that amp.
Why not? I've kept up to drummers just fine with a 5 watt tube amp, and 15W solid state before.
Think of your amp as two seperate amps. The pre amp and the power amp. The preamp adds most of the gain to the guitar signal and feeds it to the power amp. The power amp amplifies it for more volume.

The volume control (also known as a gain control) controls the output of the preamp. The master controls the output of the power amp.

By keeping the master volume low, and cranking the volume knob your pushing the preamp harder without the massive volume you'd get from pushing both sections together.
If you don't want screaming feedback yes - and given what the amp is, you don't want the master at max.

Get a more powerful amp. It will make your life easier.
My master is almost always at max on every amp I play
They probably aren't practice amps.
Only the Valve Junior. I removed the Master from my Super Reverb
Way too much weight IMO - head and 212 cab would be easier to deal with, and you can snag a 412 later.
I personally prefer a heavy combo to a head/cab setup
Have you ever lifted a Roadster 212 though? OMFG!

As well as the central top handle, it has big bass-cab type handles on the sides but it is too wide for someone (at least me) to grab on to by themselves. It was literally a two-man lift everywhere but into the back of my car (a hatchback with a low tailgate height). I remember taking it upstairs once - ONCE - and it took about 10 minutes, going up one stair at a time. It was a great amp, but I sold it mostly because I just couldn't take it out very often. Love my LSS @ 50lbs so much more. An amp that gets used all the time.
I have not. But I had a 2x12 crate with a single top handle. It weighed in at 86.5 lbs
What about the ohms? Is it not hard on an amp to run (especially full blast) with mismatched ohms?
Not nearly as much of an issue with solid state amps, apart from efficiency differences. A solid state amp actually prefers to see no speaker at all
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