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So I'm seeing lots of scuttlebut about Chapman guitars online .
Anyone have one?
And if so do you like it?
Wondering if I should take the plunge for a " Super strat" type guitar or just save some cash and go with Eart or ? Or similar.

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The Chapman stuff is okay, but nothing special. I think there are much better options for the money.

EART can be good, but you kind of roll the dice a bit. I'm happy with the headless I bought, but it was cheap and I had the option of returning it via Amazon.

What kind of super strat are you looking for? (HH, HSS, HSH, type of bridge etc.) Also, what price range?
Yeah, EART is probably your best bet at that price. Not too many guitars have stainless steel frets with rolled edges at that price.

The tele style seems to be in stock. At least with Amazon, you can return it if there's an issue. (It's still a PITA, though.)

There's also the Ibanez AZ ES series which is entry-level, but well-regarded. (It's 25" scale-length vs 25.5" on most strat-style guitars.)

Sterling by EBMM might have something for you. There's an Axis and Cutlass model around that price. If your closest L&M has one in stock, it might be worth checking out.

Used Godins are worth looking for on Kijiji or the used section of an L&M.

You can also find Schecter, Ibanez GIO and Yamaha Pacificas all day long, but they wouldn't be my first recommendation.
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I have a Chapman Stick, but I guess this is a different company? Where are Gibson's lawyers when you need them?
Do you play stick often? I've considered it, but the learning curve makes me think otherwise.
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