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Hi everyone

I have an opportunity to trade for 1 of 2 different loaded pickguards, one loaded with Seymour Duncan's rails style pickups, and , the other a fender cs texas specials.

I've changed pickups before, when I'm changing strings.

However this person is letting me try out both on my guitar and I don't want to load the first pickguard, only to change the strings 30min later to try the second one.

I've been thinking of taking off the neck instead....

Here's my question...

If I do, would i mess up the action, or anything else in the setup?

It took so long for me to adjust the truss rod (stupid vintage strat neck with truss rod at the heel, where I was removing the neck so I could turn the truss rod slightly, try it, do process again...), so I'm reluctant to mess with it again... the action is exactly where I want it, and I cringe at having to redo it...

Thanks in advance...

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Consider trying to do this ONLY by loosening the strings as much as possible. Sometimes there is enough wire length combined with a cavity shape to do it.
Be careful and go slowly.
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