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Case For Les Paul Junior Single Cut

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Will the L&M LP case fit a junior or will the guitar be flying around inside ?

If not a good fit then what other options for a hardshell ?

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Unless things have changed, all these cases mentioned above come from the same place - Boblen Cases in Montreal.
They make them for Yorkville.
They make them for TKL
They make them for Gibson.

There are a few different versions in terms of Tolex, padding, latches, arch top or not, but they all do the job.
I think Yorkville has a stripped-down, plain vanilla, black Tolex, flat-top version made for them that is really good bang/buck.

Boblen doesn't deal directly with the public - they are represented by Geo. Heinl., who do sell direct. Not sure if Heinl sells the stripped-down version.
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