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ajcoholic said:
Any one know where you can order some decent grill cloth, tolex, handles, etc without going to the USA??

We are now stocking Tolex and Grill cloth, no more USA importing!! YAAY!!
We are carring a lot of the common stuff and will try to keep stocked up.

For grill cloth we currently stock:

Fender Black/White/ Silver
Fender Blue/White/ Silver
Fender aged Black/White/ Silver
Fender Oxblood with gold stripe
Fender Wheat with gold stripe (already sold out, but we will have more shortly)
Fender Black
Marshall Black
Marshall Small Weave Cane
Marshall Salt & Pepper
Med and small white piping

For Tolex we currently stock:

Fender Black
Fender Smooth Blonde
Fender Rough Blonde
Fender Brown stripe coated Tweed
Marshall Black
Marshall White
Marshall Red
Marshall Green
Marshall Purple
Orange Style Orange
Mesa/Gibson Black (already sold out, but we will have more shortly)

We can still do special orders if there is something we don't have in stock. If there is repeat requests for certain non stock items, we will gladly stock it so let us know what you want!
Our website will be updated very shortly with updated in stock pricing and a full list of what we have in stock.
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