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Hello Forum admins,

Can we have a thread dedicated Rating Canadian retailers? I ask, not because I want it to become a rant thread but more of a user experience especially with relation to policies on returns, politeness, available stock and overall experience.

I am sure we have all been disappointed receiving the wrong item, damaged item etc. but how a retailer deals with their clients (Customer Service) is what interests me the most!

For instance, The Good: I never order guitars online for obvious reasons, but took a chance with an inexpensive Gretsch made in China Jet G5220.

Cosmo Music scores very well with my recent experience in returning gear I just purchased but finally did not want, and returning a damaged Gretsch G5220.

Tundra Music, to me is the UGLY and scores really low for me in terms of policy on returns, Customer Service and overall product availability and use the cheapest and worst Canadian shipping company which is Canpar!

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