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Canadian online sources for guitar parts? (pots, jacks etc)

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I am looking to get parts to upgrade an Epiphone I bought. A couple of the US sites have what I need, but the shipping rates are crazy. Guitarfetish carries the parts, and has reasonable shipping rates but I don't know about the quality of their parts.

Does anyone know of any Canadian sites, or eBay sellers that carry the parts?
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You could try Canadian sellers on ebay.

I've had luck.
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I do a lot of repairs on my friends and students guitars as well as my own. I've ordered from Stewmac, Ebay, and Guitarpartscanada and for what it's worth it just easier and more convenient to go to a good store that supplies lots of parts and ask them for a deal. It's always worked for me!
mouser is not canadian, he is a US seller same as smallbear...
Guitarfetish is good to deal with and I've found their products to be of very good quality.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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