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Canadian Made Gear section suggestion

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There is an active thread about some vintage Traynor amps. A user in the thread bought up a good point that there should some some kind of section/sub section for Canadian made gear.
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I agree.

I am all for "best bang for the buck", shopping around for the best price etc. etc. etc... But I'm also Canadian and unless we want to turn the keys to our country over to the US Big Box Mega Monster Stores and be sucked in by the great American BS Marketing Machine, we should support our local talent - provided they supply a GOOD PRODUCT for a FAIR PRICE - IMO. My 2 cents worth.

The questions, who are they, where are they, what do they make and how can I get one come to mind?!? :confused-smiley-010
It would also be cool because it could be a reference for vintage Canadian gear as well. Garnett, Traynor etc. It's pretty hard to find info online on stuff like VIntage Traynor gear. The only site is Velvet Black and it hasn't been updated in years. Plus a lot of the info doesn't even seem that accurate.

Being a Canadian forum it would be nice to have some history of Canadian gear, and what's being made currently.
IMO, we are pushing it with the number of forums we have right now. If you want to start the official Traynor or Garnett thread please go ahead.

Don't want to spread things out too much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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