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Canada's Next Great Prime Minister

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Hi all, My brother-in-law is the executive producer for a show called "The Next Great Prime Minister". It is on this Sunday night 7:00 pm on CBC. BTW, fellow forum member Faracaster also worked on the show. I believe he was the set designer. Anyway's, I'm sure Stuart and Pete hope you tune in!:banana:
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We need a next great prime minister. 20 years ago we had Brian Mulroney versus John Turner. We can only dream of a great matchup like that today. Both men have been slandered by their replacements, but they both had great ideas, and were great leaders. We took those guys for granted.........
Hmmm, GST was just a visable, more emcompassing replacement of another tax. Meech Lake was an attempt to rid Canada of seperatists, it didnt work. The FTA was going to be great, and boost our economy until the Americans ratified the shit out of it, and the Liberals who gained power after them said nothing about it, and let them walk all over us. And yes there was a major recession in the time he was prime minister. It was all his fault that western countries were in that recession. He tried to dig his way out of it by raising interest rates to combat inflation (although not as high as the early 80s!)and heraised taxes. He inherited a mess, and some of the things he did were not the correct ones in hindsight, but they were good ideas at the time. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they dont. He actually tried to do things, rather than sit on his hands. The worst, hardly..........
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