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Canada's Next Great Prime Minister

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Hi all, My brother-in-law is the executive producer for a show called "The Next Great Prime Minister". It is on this Sunday night 7:00 pm on CBC. BTW, fellow forum member Faracaster also worked on the show. I believe he was the set designer. Anyway's, I'm sure Stuart and Pete hope you tune in!:banana:
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"As always, it ain't that simple..."

Powdered Toast Man said:
...and now the party is dead because it was eaten up by the Canadian Alliance.
That's what I had thought until I saw how the new party is being run. Seems the Alliance was eaten by the PCs!

Remember Manning's dream of MPs representing their consituents' views to Ottawa, rather than the traditional way of MPs being told by their party what views to hold?

Tell it to Garth Turner.:mad:

Harper's practiced such absolute party discipline that he's hammered a stake through the heart of Manning's dream. His party looks much more like the old PCs than the Reform/Alliance to me.

If I wanted a trained seal I might as well have voted for my Liberal or NDP candidate...:eek:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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