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Canada's Next Great Prime Minister

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Hi all, My brother-in-law is the executive producer for a show called "The Next Great Prime Minister". It is on this Sunday night 7:00 pm on CBC. BTW, fellow forum member Faracaster also worked on the show. I believe he was the set designer. Anyway's, I'm sure Stuart and Pete hope you tune in!:banana:
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Accept2 said:
We need a next great prime minister. 20 years ago we had Brian Mulroney versus John Turner. We can only dream of a great matchup like that today. Both men have been slandered by their replacements, but they both had great ideas, and were great leaders. We took those guys for granted.........
Brian Mulroney was the worst thing ever to happen to Canada. GST... Meech Lake... Free Trade... A major recession throughout the 80's... He also left the federal PC party in such bad shape when he was through that they struggled to even elect enough MPs to maintain official party status through the 90's (they went from a majority government to 2 - yes two - elected MPs) and now the party is dead because it was eaten up by the Canadian Alliance.

Yeah, thanks but no thanks.
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