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Canada's Next Great Prime Minister

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Hi all, My brother-in-law is the executive producer for a show called "The Next Great Prime Minister". It is on this Sunday night 7:00 pm on CBC. BTW, fellow forum member Faracaster also worked on the show. I believe he was the set designer. Anyway's, I'm sure Stuart and Pete hope you tune in!:banana:
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GuitarsCanada said:
What kind of show is it? Serious or some kind of spoof?
I beleive it is on the serious side, but Rick Mercer is the host so it should have some light moments. Here is the show's website.
gerald guerrero said:
Pierre Treadeau and his socialite wife were the coolest> tThey partied with the Stones!
I'm pretty sure it was Margaret partying with the Stones, not Pierre.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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