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Canada's Next Great Prime Minister

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Hi all, My brother-in-law is the executive producer for a show called "The Next Great Prime Minister". It is on this Sunday night 7:00 pm on CBC. BTW, fellow forum member Faracaster also worked on the show. I believe he was the set designer. Anyway's, I'm sure Stuart and Pete hope you tune in!:banana:
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Should be a prerequisite that the next PM play some funky guitar, have some soul, as in I'm here to improve the life of everyday Canadians rather than banks, corporations and all those rich wannabees in their mega-super-ultrasized SUVs, and figure out some way to lean on CanadaPost so that it's not cheaper to send 12AX7 to Timbuktu, Singapore or Tierra Del Fuego, than out west from Toronto
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