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I'm asking for the proverbial friend of a friend. He has an old '60s Yamaha amp that got wet last year, so now he's afraid to plug it in until someone has a look at it and gives it the all-clear.

Are any of the retailers any good at this sort of thing? Maybe Song Bird or Capsule? I've had mixed results with Long & McQuade. Steve's did good work on a Peavey Classic 30 for me, but that was six or seven years ago.

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East Toronto, Buzzy owner of SoundFX 416-282-5088 great service, tubes, parts, Marshall and other amp mods etc..Great prices! He has been in the Business since the 60's and knows tube amps, will also work on SS amps.
His last job in the industry before opening his own company was Fender National service manager for Canada and still is a parts service and warranty center for Fender.
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