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cabling question

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i don't think this is an issue but here is my question...

if i built an ABY switch to go between two sets of pedals...when i get to the end of each line, and want each line to continue down the same singular path, can i sum them easily with a Y cable into the next pedal?

i don't think it's an issue of grounding, and i don't think that it would load the line either...but...that is why i ask...
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If you're not too picky about keeping transistors out of your sound, look at something like the Boss LS-2. I bought one for some purpose years ago and always find it useful. It can be a loop pedal, a mixer or an a/b pedal. But it's too expensive new.

It's easier to think of each set of pedals as a loop.

Of course, if you have some delay you want to keep going after you switch effects paths, you would need some kind of mixer instead of a loop.

Use all of the inputs on your amp, too.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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