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Looks like all the lower-end 2 and 3-knobbers that used to be Behringer products are rebranded as TC. F'rinstance, the "3rd Dimension" is their reissue of the Boss DC-2 Dimension C pedal. I have the Behringer version, which is a very nice nice as the Boss original. Doesn't seem to be anything different about the TC version.

TC Electronic 3rd Dimension - Chorus
(TC Electronic 3rd Dimension - Chorus)
TC Electronic Choka - Tremolo
(TC Electronic Choka - Tremolo)
TC Electronic Crescendo - Auto Swell
(TC Electronic Crescendo - Auto Swell)
TC Electronic El Mocambo - Overdrive
(TC Electronic El Mocambo - Overdrive)
TC Electronic Eyemaster - Metal Distortion
(TC Electronic Eyemaster - Metal Distortion)
TC Electronic Honey Pot - Fuzz
(TC Electronic Honey Pot - Fuzz)
TC Electronic Iron Curtain - Noise Gate
(TC Electronic Iron Curtain - Noise Gate)
TC Electronic Nether - Octaver
(TC Electronic Nether - Octaver)

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I've always wanted a Slow Engine/Crescendo, but I've got a GT-1 and I think it's somewhere on there.
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