Raising some funds for a purchase so clearing out some pedals that aren't in the current rotation. Lots of CanCon! All prices include shipping. Prefer cash but just message if you've got a trade in mind

Kingsley Artisan - $650
Tubesteader Sunkeeper (Orange Amps pre) - $320
True North Tweed Drive - $160
True North Lumberjack (Clean Analog Octave/Distortion) - $160
SolidgoldFX EM-III Delay - $220
Lounsberry Nigel Touch Drive (check it out on that Pedal Show!) - $180
Coffeeshop Pedals (Saskatoon) Donut Hole Drive (Bluesbreaker) - $130
TL Pedals SP+ Pro Drive (take on a Klon) - $160
Deroy Amps Warped Distortion - $130
Fairfield Circuitry The Accountant Compressor - $195
Tone Hungry Hot Molasses Drive - $120
Fish Circuits Model One (check out Demos in the Dark for some great clips) - $180
GupTech 6 band EQ - $110
Kilpatrick Audio Lush Puppy Stereo Reverb + Slapback - $250
Rectangle Bag Font Art Eyewear

Purple Font Violet Material property Audio equipment