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built my first pickups...

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A while back I ordered two HB pickup kits and a Tele bridge pickup kit from Stewart Macdonald.

A few weeks ago I wound up a humbucker and the Tele pickup. I tried them in one of my home made Teles I had a set of EMG;s in. I liked the bridge pickup a lot but I wound another HB and decided I wanted that guitar a dual HB after all (I have two other teles with tele bridge pickups).

The bridge pickup reads 8.3 K ohm with the neck one at 7.6 K ohm. They sound really clear and crisp, the neck one is warm as hell to boot.

It was a fun and fairly easy thing to do, but I wouldnt want to do a lot of them.

I didnt wax pot them, but they are fine and dont squeal or anything.

Just something else to try!

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shoretyus said:
Your just a one man output machine ... what's a matter the freezing rain keep you inside... or is it the blackflies?


Blackflies.... :)

(then the mosquitoes, then its the cold and snow again - there is about a 2 week window of ideal outdoors weather here a year ;) )
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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