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Hello , I'm needing so experienced input on a sg build I'm having done in the next month. being a novice sg collector I thought I would like to get a custom one built , my favorite one that i play is a 1980 walnut firebrand sg ( possible 3 piece its painted blk) with tim shaw pickups , ebony fret board . when i plug it into a few amps that i have it soundz killer on all with little to no tone adjustments , no harsness , lots of sparkle on the cleans and killer controlled sustain when driven . other sgs that i have have there own tonal qualities that just dont cut it for me , too bright , screechy mid-high frequency I was talking with a luthier about doing a 1 piece AAAA figured walnut body about 1-1/4 thick with a maple neck (curly-birds eye ) and a ebony fret board with the wide frets . We are having trouble finding this body as a 1 piece , on the luthier's request he wanted me to do a 1" body with a 1/2"highly figured book matched curly maple top and curly maple neck . I dunno if this will yield a brighter tone than I wanted with a solid body . I know walnut yeild a darker tone but with the maple neck and ebony fret board I think it will get me what Im looking for

Sounds fascinating.
I'll be watching this thread.

I'm not surprised about the sound of your '80 SG.
Especially with the Tim Shaw pups.
My '85 Standard has them too.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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