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I just got back from picking up a custom made version of the Brian May Treble Booster pedal, that I got from Guitar Gadgets website. $50 USD for the pedal, plus $50 Canadian to get it assembled and it made my Strat sound like Brian's tone instantly through a clean amp. You could just hear the distinctive Queen ringing treble tone that is Brian's signature sound. Highly recommend this kit!

You can turn it up about half way before you get any hiss(its a treble booster after all) but you can get a great sound at about 1/4-1/3 of the way up. Its a sweet spot that gives you the Queen tone but no hiss. I have had a few treble boosters in the past and they just suck. The E-H Screaming Tree/Screaming Bird are crap. They have a thin, bright tone that has no body at all, and the sound is way too modified to be useful. But this pedal keeps the original tone of the guitar and just enriches it. Its still got a full bodied sound with crystal clear tones and sound. Add a chorus pedal to this and use a strat with nice pickups ( I'm using Bill Lawrence L280's-world best strat pickups, IMO), and you won't believe your ears.

I also bought a second circuit board and custom aluminum enclosure for another pedal and I'm having my tech guy make a custom version of this pedal using 3 capacitors wired into a single point on the board and adding a 3 way switch to give 3 different treble tone ranges to the pedal. Once I get that completed, I will put a link to a video showing what it can do.

Anyway, the Brian May Treble booster is usually $375 USD plus shipping and customs costs to Canada. That makes it ridiculously expensive, but this kit is the exact same thing and it will cost you about $120.00 CAD in total, and that's if someone else builds it for you.

I have played my friends Brian May guitar and Digitech Red Special pedal hundreds of times and grew up listening to Queen, so I know what sound I'm looking for an this is it. This pedal, Chorus pedal, delay,Tube amp, and second amp for stereo effects, and its all you need for this particular sound.
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