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I put mine on my stereo with five CD's in the changer for 20 hours (about three times through each) with about 20 watts going through them. Inform your neighbors first, or do it 8 hours per day while they're at work.

Turn the bass and mids up, treble down to 1/4th, and let 'em go. Now this is just what I do with my speakers, other manufacturers have different thicknesses of doping, and other construction changes, so from what I understand it will take alot longer for this to work on higher powered speakers.

My 25-30 watt models break in @ around 15-20 hours, 65 watt models around 40-50 hours, as a general rule, and as advised to me by previous buyers.

I understand this is much shorter than other speaker makers, don't be surprised if you need alot more with other brands.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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