Time for my quarterly "I want to buy something stupid so please help" clear out. Maybe adding more? Maybe taking away? I don't know, I'm an addict. Donations welcome.

Boss Waza/Sola Sound Tone Bender TB-2W - yes box, yes fancy paperwork, no velcro - $985 shipped

Rectangle Font Electronic component Art Electric blue
Rectangle Font Material property Electronic device Electric blue

Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe - yes box, no velcro - $225 shipped pending

Gas Circle Electric blue Rectangle Font
Gas Circle Electric blue Composite material Font

Kingsley Page V2 - no box, yes velcro - $OLD

Audio equipment Font Gas Electronic device Circle

Cornerstone Gladio V2.1 (most recent) - yes box + paperwork, yes dual lock - $385 shipped (HOLD)

Product Rectangle Font Audio equipment Electric blue
Circuit component Font Gas Electronic component Electronic engineering

Bowman Overdrive (it's a Klon, if it wasn't obvious from the visual) - yes box + sticker, no velcro - $OLD on Reverb

Rectangle Font Electric blue Wood Circle
Audio equipment Rectangle Font Gas Electronic instrument

Fuzzrocious Lil' Fella - no box, yes velcro - $160 shipped

Art Font Rectangle Circle Electric blue