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Boss SD1 Modded

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I just finished modding a Boss SD1 with the Monte Allums GT mods. There are three stages to the mod. The first is a dual gain switch adds a bit more gain when switched. The next is a symetrical gain switch changing the clipping diode arrangement, interesting here, he uses a GE transistor as a clipping diode which gives some nice results. The last part is the swapping out of the IC and a few cap changes for hi fi mods. The mods are not for beginners and a bit time consuming, but if you have one of these pedals around I would recommend looking at these mods. They improved the overall sound and versatility of the pedal and remain relatively quite. Here's a finished pic of the outside not sure about posting the inside mods.


I'll leave it up to the fellow forumite to post sound clips... :D
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Looks good, the Monte Allums mods really bring out the best of your typical boss pedals. The SD-1 is a solid od to boot, I'm guessing it only gets better with the mods.:rockon2:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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