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Boss SD1 Modded

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I just finished modding a Boss SD1 with the Monte Allums GT mods. There are three stages to the mod. The first is a dual gain switch adds a bit more gain when switched. The next is a symetrical gain switch changing the clipping diode arrangement, interesting here, he uses a GE transistor as a clipping diode which gives some nice results. The last part is the swapping out of the IC and a few cap changes for hi fi mods. The mods are not for beginners and a bit time consuming, but if you have one of these pedals around I would recommend looking at these mods. They improved the overall sound and versatility of the pedal and remain relatively quite. Here's a finished pic of the outside not sure about posting the inside mods.


I'll leave it up to the fellow forumite to post sound clips... :D
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Yes I have done a few of his mods for people and most are an improvement. This one on the SD1 was far better than one of his earlier mods for them. I'm guessing it is the Ge transistor as a clipping diode. When it is selected the sound has a real bite to it, similar to the way the rangemaster treats the treble boost. well next project is a Fulltone style Fat Boost on a perf board....
How did the H2O mod turn out ?? I have one sitting around and have been wondering about that mod. The stock BD2 is so so and would like to make this thing useful. I did the Dyna Comp mod for a player and it sounded better after the mod for sure. His mods seem fairly good and his prices are fair considering he supplies parts,solder and all.
Great I just ordered the H2O kit. As for amp building check out trinity amps website for kits. I have my eye on the Trinity 15 kit with tone tubby speaker, already have a cabinet.
Trinity is out of Toronto area, should be no duties. Ah but I hear ya on the sea foam green Strat, I've always liked Lake Placid Blue on a strat, maybe someday.... Oh well back to the fat boost project, just missing two caps...
Well I needed a 3.3uf and a 10pf so i went ahead and ordered them as well as a couple of mojotone vitamin T caps at .047uf and .022uf. I have read many threads about the relation of the caps and guitar tone and have done a lot of experimenting with them as the consensus on caps and tone is pretty divided. Some caps do make a difference that is noticeable others ... well it is up to the individuals ear. So to fill out the order I thought I'd try a couple of these and see where they fall. By the way thanks for the offer... :food-smiley-004:
I got my caps today but the 3.3uf is huge... Stratin2traynor would you have any 3.3 uF caps that are around the 25 to 50 Volt range. I would gladly pay you and shipping if you do.
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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