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It think I like to change things just to see what happens, just like the guy who put GFS means in his Hamm.

This time I'm curious about changing the chip(s) in my Boss CE-3 MIJ Chorus. When I opened it up, there were two. It had an MN3207 and an MN3202. I understand that the MN3207 was used in later CE-2s and the CE-3. The earlier CE-2 used the MN3007. This quote comes of the AnalogMan site:

We use New Old Stock (NOS) Panasonic MN3007 chips, not the cheaper low voltage MN3207 that most others use. The 3007 chip was used in the original pedals in the late 1970s and very early 1980s and allows higher levels and less noise without clipping your signal. The early Boss CE-2 used the 3007 chip, later Japanese and most Taiwan made CE-2 pedals used the 3207.

My pedal has a small amount of noticeable hiss. I was wondering what the reality of making a change might be - somewhere between what is stated above and hype?

I was also wondering what the second chip was for?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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