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Bogner Duende

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So anyone got one ?

Loud enough to play with a band ?

We mic my amp so I am only concerned about stage volume. Love the Saraceno clips. I am looking for a low power, higher gain 1x12 combo, two channels and effects loop. The Duende has all of that plus the tremolo is a real bonus, one of the few effects I use.
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Almost had one but it kept on getting delayed so I cancelled my order.
evenon said:
Seems there is not a whole lot of them around, and they took forever to hit the street. I wonder why ? Can't be that complicated of an amp to build compared to, say, an Ecstacy ??
He must of had problems with his PCB board manufacturer becuase it was nearly 9 months behind schedule.

It sounds like the perfect little amp. I don't play alot of electric anymore or I'd still be interested.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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