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Hey folks,

I've just acquired a BlockHead Custom 50 Amp, and I'm thinking about re-tubing it.
One interesting feature of this amp (and I'll assume it's stock but I'm not sure), is that the preamp goes from off to distorted at about 1.5 setting. I didn't expect this. There is very little if any clean in this amp at all. And only saturates even more after 1.5 and beyond that with the boost switch. I wonder if this is how it was made or if it's been modified? I also notice this has an almost fuzz box element to it's sound (some hair on it, as I like to think). It's a different amp for sure than my Friedmans (Be100, SS100, Runt20, Dirty Shirley), and Suhr SL68 and Badger.

Well, regardless, it might be interesting to have some new tubes in it, and I'm hoping for some advice on tubes.

Thanks all
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