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Black Friday price drops!

I'm thinning out some gear during pandemic time, especially with no gigs. I'm "newer" around here, but I've got extensive flawless feedback as a seller on multiple other platforms that you can review if you like (contact me if you need more info), but the bottom line is - all items are as described, I ship out promptly, and I pack very well.

All prices are CAD via EMT or PayPal, and I'm opening to making deals if you purchase multiple items. Items are shipped via Canada Post, local pickup is done in Calgary, AB. I do have some limited trade interests - a Fairfield Accountant compressor, an OxFuzz Bass (I may consider other OxFuzz products as well), and/or a Cioks Power Supply. Trade deals can be +/- $$$ if needed. Don't hesitate to PM if you have any questions!

FEA Optifet Compressor - $295 shipped, $275 local sale

A studio quality compressor for your board that also warms and sweetens up your tone if you want it to. There are lots of videos on YouTube you can watch. This one works perfectly as described, I’ve used it in studio and live. It does have Velcro. I don’t have the original box but I do have the instructions.

IMG_7381 3.JPG IMG_7382 3.JPG

Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk B - $170 shipped, $150 local sale

A fantastic boost/grit adding/tonal magic pedal for bass or any other instrument out there. The pedal works perfectly, has been used with great success in studio and live. It does have Velcro. I do have the original box.

IMG_7383 3.JPG IMG_7384 3.JPG

TC Electronics Viscous Vibe - $160 shipped, $140 local sale

Amazing Univibe style pedal. Used only once, and has otherwise been in the box - I am the original owner (the item was a gift). It does have a small amount of Velcro on the bottom from placing it onto my pedalboard for a band practice. It comes with original box, and other than the single use it is literally brand new.

IMG_7385 3.JPG

Pedaltrain Novo 24 with soft case (please read details before) - $120 local sale, shipping would need to be discussed

Original owner, it has been regularly used gigging and practicing for over 4 years. Does have Velcro on all bars. While it does NOT include any power supplies, it did have two power supplies bolted on underneath it before, and so the drilled holes are still there for them. The board obviously works fine at holding pedals and the Velcro is in good shape, but the problem is that the soft case needs a new zipper. The case is otherwise intact and in surprisingly good shape, but the zipper doesn’t hold shut other than the exact spot it’s at - see photos. This wouldn't be that easy to ship, but as long as you'll cover the costs associated, I'm willing to discuss it.

IMG_0624.JPG IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0625.JPG IMG_0626.JPG IMG_0627.JPG
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