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This coming Friday, Dec. 15 is the finals of this BTOB competition here in Ottawa called "Big Money Shot". It's sponsored by Rogers and an FM radio station here, Live 88.5. The top prize is as they have posted on the site is "for the ultimate prize - over $300,000 worth of development..." 3 bands have already gotten $50,000 each (not sure if it is also "worth of development") after they won $1,000 each in the prelims just to get to the semi-finals. Honestly I was surprised when I heard about the amount of money or whatever they mean with this "worth of development", involved in this competition. And I still have doubts about this being not your regular "run of the mill" BTOB competition, but from what I've been hearing from one of the winners of the semifinals, they have been treated well and have been getting a lot of exposure because of this. So this might really be a good thing.

Here's the link:

Your thoughts guys?
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