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I just got myself a good deal on an XBOX 360. It's been decades since I owned a game console (ever heard of the ATARI 2600?), and am excited to play. Let it be said that I really bought it for my daughter who loves the Just Dance franchise... but I digress.

Any NHL game I buy for the 360 at this point would be old, so I'd like recommendations on which one I should buy. I have read that the '15 is abysmal, and the Legacy (released at the same time as the '16) is pretty much the 15 but with roster updates. So which should I buy?

I don't want to constantly have to do memorized multiple taps for special moves and stuff.

I'd also like to know if there's a way for me to buy an older version, say the '14, and update the rosters to make them match those of the current day? If I could even get Vegas in there, that'd be awesome.

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