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Best and worst of G.A.S.

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Over the last month I have been in the proccess of purchasing a new bass amp. I got control of my G.A.S by giving myself a full month before I made the purchase..It was hard but at the end of the day I got what I wanted.

So spending so much time in what felt like every shop in Ontario I discovered that G.A.S is Very wide spread for all generations and genders.
Its not only a shop thing, how many times have you got ready to practice but found yourself surfing the net looking at new much for practice eh!!

One other thing I noticed at the shops was the G.A.S purchase..mostly found at L&M.
This is when you go to the shop to look around and fall in love with whatever and just buy it, the credit terms at L&M make it easy for everyone to make a wrong decision, thank god for the 30 day return.

So lets hear about your best and worst G.A.S stories...

My name is Bev and I have G.A.S.
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