A wild Matchless has appeared, so moving this to sale now. Will update with new pics or make a new thread later on today, but the gist is:

  • Benson Vincent 30W head in excellent, super clean shape. Smoke-free environment. I vacuum a lot.
  • Night moves shell with wheat grill.
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers.

Full info: Vincent 30 Watt Channel Switching Guitar Amplifier — BENSON AMPS

Since I have limited real estate on my amp wall and am picky about things matching, I figured I'd try this:

I've got a Benson Vincent head and potentially interested in working out a trade for your Monarch Reverb combo or Monarch head/cab, Earhart head/cab, Chimera Reverb or some variation of full sized Benson. Cash +/- either way as required by either party.


A Matchless HC-15 or HC-30 with cash either way as required.