Benson is possibly the hottest boutique amp company around right now. There is no dealer stock and the wait list is closed, so used is the only option. They make great amps that are superbly voiced for recording and stage.

I am offering my Nathan Jr is near mint condition and I have the original box for shipping. The amp is 5W, 1-6V6, combo with a 10" Greenback speaker. It was designed for a fellow in Portland to record with and for "reasonable" volume playing.

I purchased it in early 2020 for my goofy old guy indie rock band where it has seen a grand total of one gig and four practices. I've played it around the house a bit, but I tend towards acoustics when playing on my own. It holds it's own fine with practices and the gig was in a pretty big room where there was plenty of volume to hear myself on a reasonably large stage in a reasonably large room (Ironwood in Calgary). The sound guy loved it. It offered some nice crunch and sat perfectly in the band mix with non-piercing trebles and a pleasant, but forward mid-range voice. 25 lbs is a joy to move around. I don't know if the Vox cosmetics are available any longer (they seem to be focusing on their own look/branding).

I need to net $2200 (slightly less than they tend to go for on The Gear Page with current exchange). Shipping and PayPal fees are yours. I'm funding incoming gear, so no trades at this time.