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Beneteau stolen in 1995, Mississauga.

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A long shot, I know. A friend of mine is still "hunting" for his Beneteau cutaway that was stolen from him in November 1995 in Mississauga. It is unique and would be easily identified as belonging to him.

Unique features are:
  • Serial 100181
  • Dove inlay on 7th fret
  • WTT initials on the back of the headstock
  • MB initials on bottom of neck heel
  • Flowering plant inlay on headstock
Send me a PM if you know anything about this precious instrument. Thanks
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Terry Tufts has been searching for this very publicly since is went missing, and I don't blame him. As a fan of Beneteau guitars, and having seen TT play a couple of times (a workshop he did at the Canadian Guitar Festival was very good too) I have kept an eye peeled as well.
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