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Hi folks,

I thought I'd finally share that with you guys. I wanted to wait until the honeymoon phase was over before making a NGD post.

I bought this guitar in January (around the 10th if I remember correctly), and played it intensively since then. Winter is recording season for me, it's been used on many sessions, in addition to all the usual rehearsal, gigs, and daily practice.

It's a 335 Edwards copy (SA-125-LTS) from 2013, made in Japan. Carved top and back (maple), mahogany centre block. Dimensions are the same as a regular Gibson 335. Pick-ups are SD Jazz (neck) and Custom 5 (bridge).

I've been looking for a 335 for a long time. I tried a lot of guitars (Gibsons and others) and was initially going for a Gibson 63 RI, as I couldn't initially find a copy that satisfied me. The Gibsons had that something extra that made them special.

I went to Europe for Christmas/New Year, and tried more guitars there, further confirming my initial though. On my way back here, I went to my favourite local shop to pick up my SG that needed some care (Kingston Guitar Shop for those who know it), and Gord had that Edwards hanging on the wall. I had heard about these, but never actually tried one.

I picked it up, and it was love at first sight! I spent about an hour going back and forth between this guitar and a 63 RI 335 that he had in the shop at the same time, and everything felt good on the Edwards: neck shape (close to a 59 profile), finish, the nitro over poly looks gorgeous, playability, tone...

I bought it right away and went back home with it. Funny thing, I've had both of these pick ups in other guitars in the past, and never really cared for them, but in this guitar, they just sound right. Nice hollow/woody tone in the neck position, hot-rodded PAF tone in the bridge position, and the middle position is really working well, first time I actually use the middle position on a 2 pick up guitar!

Only 'upgrade' I did was switching to '50s wiring (it just works better for me), and locking studs for the tailpiece (I had some metric ones laying around).

Here are some pictures:

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