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I would personally by the guitar and amp separately. I would STRONGLY....and I mean strongly suggest you contact Andy from hamm guitars. He frequents this forum a LOT...and I have a guitar from him :)

Quite a few people on this forum have bought guitars from him, and have been extremely pleased. I can almost guarantee you wont find a guitar that has better quality under the 500$ range than Andy's guitars

if you want more this forum for the word "hamm" and go to posts by me, rumble_b, paulS, and a few others...basically their reviews of hamm guitars.

the website is

and since you are in Ontario...Andy would probably happily ship out the community guitar to you to try out. Just give him a shout, either on this forum through private message, or email him directly.

I would also like to know what type of music you want to learn? For amps, I would recommend a roland cube which would do a great job. Roland cubes have great reviews and have good onboard guitar effects. Also check out the epiphone valve junior amp. Great little amp as well, although the roland cube series are probably more along your line right now. The cube will give you effects to try and, and let you decide what types of guitar effects you like and many other things. My experience with roland amps so far has been very good. They are durable and easy to look after.

Usually when you buy guitar packages, the straps/picks/bags/cables, etc are all crap or, at the very most, decent. I strongly suggest you stay away from beginner packages and get a good guitar, amp, cables, etc that will LAST, and which will allow you to PROGRESS in music. If you settle for a beginners package guitar, they can sometimes hinder you from progressing on guitar. This could be due to the strings being too high from the frets, the pickups sounding like mushy garbage, and many other factors. I can guarantee hamm guitars wont give you that problem :D They play amazing. I have been playing for over 6 years and the guitar I got from Andy plays beautifully.
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