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I am a begginner, I play acoustic, but might upgrade to electric, or both, one day.
Pot. good stuff.
I am probably the world's most "non stoner like" stoner ever.
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thanks for sharing.
Upgrade to electric? Not sure what you mean...I have some mighty fine acoustics...and many of those were extremely cheap...see other posts in the acoustic part of the forum.
Pot...well you must be a youngster iffin your just starting that?... just keep it under control.
Beginning on guitar...I did that when I was 40 years old and even a few short years ago there were tons of great web sites with a lot of stuff for anyone just starting out on the some searches and you should be able to come up with enough to keep you busy for years...unfortunelaly, so many sites with tabs are closed or temporarily closed now a days, but I printed out several big binders of songs that will keep me going for some time to come.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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