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So, after years of GAS'ing for a telecaster, I finally pulled the trigger. Except it isn't really a tele, but certainly a twang machine in form and spirit. And it has pretty much taken over - my acoustic now sits forlornly while the new guitar gets all the playing time.

I picked up a Reverend Eastsider T (Pete Anderson Signature model) from a guy on Kijiji, after playing a couple of new ones at Sherwood music. It plays great - the first thing I noticed was the solid feel and sustain for days even unplugged. Still figuring out the tones. Lovin' the quack so far. I am a big fan of maple necks (especially on electrics) so this one has pretty much satisfied my GAS for now. At least until I see a deal on a White Falcon ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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