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Bassist and Drummer Forming Original Alternative Band

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Hey All

Just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a project a drummer and I are starting up here in Toronto. Below I've copied the Kijiji/craigslist ad that we've been posting over the past week. If it sounds of interest to anyone here it'd be great to meet up with you and discuss further. Feel free to DM or email me at [email protected]

Thanks everyone


Currently looking for a committed guitarist or vocalist for an original alternative band here in Toronto. For singers, If you play another instrument while accompanying your vocal that is accepted as well.

Below through the link are three instrumental demos that we have composed to give anyone interested an idea of the music. The song titles and band name are all placeholders and are not permanent at this time.

The Mocking

This band will be 100% collaborative. We are open to working on anyones material that is brought forward.

This band will be have up to two or three weekly rehearsals. And at this point the rehearsals will be for creating original material for an EP or full-length album. This band will also tour and play in both Canada and USA.

As for you, We'd ideally like someone who has had experience touring and in the studio. Who has the gear they need and the commitment to being professional. If you are in the age bracket of early twenties to early thirties that would be preferred as well - We are 28 and 35

If you understand what this ad is expressing please do inquire as it would be great to meet you in person.

Lastly, this is not a hobby band or a band for hired guns
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