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My overdrive experiances...

started with the PD7, It was a good pedal but as mentioned, it looses definition in the mix.

Also bought a Sansamp, actually one of the best SS overdrive (not distortion) units I've used, it does a pretty darn good job of emulting tubes, but it's not perfect.

Bought a fulltone bassdrive... good distortion, I like the two channels, drops a bit of bass, so I wish it had a bass contol... but..

now I think I'm into the "tube snob" camp... I finally got an old Guild Quantum fixed up. Blows every solid state amp I've ever heard out of the water with bass, treble, responsiveness, dynamics, and especially overdrive... now the best overdrive is in my fingers... pluck, and get a huge warm bassy wash... dig in hard, and amazing overdrive, so good that I'm almost afraid of it! Farts out huge cabs that SS amps of double, triple the wattage didn't even quiver.

And if you think you have to pay a fortune for good tube OD, think again... I payed about $300 for my amp off ebay... about the same as I paid for the bassdrive! The trick is to avoid the brand names... go for the old guild, garnet, traynor, peavey, anything you can find with tubes in it!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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