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knobbin said:
this thing isntactually going to cost me much at all considering how much a store bought bass like this would be

heres a rough estimate-
EMG JSET $250 (pickups, pots, wiring, input jack)
Maple and veneer- $40
hipshot Aclass brass black bridge- $85
Machine heads/tuners- $50
Little things (strap locks, string ferruls, frets, nut)-$70
Thats under $500, pretty damn good, i havent bought all of it yet, so it may be a bit more/less.
That's a great deal for the wood. Where did you get it? Is the neck going to be maple with a veneer fingerboard? If it's the hipshot bridge I have on the 5-string of mine they're awesome - string changes are a breeze with them.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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