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Basic recording with iPad

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Hi everyone!

I'd like to start doing some basic recording (think youtube quality) and am wondering about this:

iTrack Solo

From what I can tell, I can straight from my pedalboard into and then I just need a mic.

Are there other options for basic iPad recording?


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Hi Andrew...long time no threads/posts! I hope all is well.

I am about to try some very basic home recording also and was hoping someone would respond to your thread.


I got the xlr adaptor from irig. Pretty awesome. Does Fantom power too. Get your Amp's sound in there.
Do ipads have garage band?
I was responding to this thread in order to help Andrew by bumping it up.

Personally, I will be using a Roland Duo Capture and a mic (these will be purchased this week from my good friend @Hamstrung.

I have a Mac Mini with GarageBand, headphones and Mackie CR3 monitors.

I will likely start a specific thread once I get all of the gear hooked up and learn how to do a few things.
Garageband - I use it on my iMac and it should be on your iPad as well. If not you can download the latest version for about $5. I love using Garageband - it's easy to use and sounds great to me. If you haven't tried it then that should be your first option since it's an Apple product and you want to use it on your iPad.
Do ipads have garage band?

And the new versi N of GarageBand is a big improvement. I use it all the time. For writing and jamming. Once you get a headphone 1/8 extension, and a good mic and interface for DI instruments, it's a real songwriter's tool.

Apple releases GarageBand 2.2 for iOS w/ Alchemy synth, FX pane, refreshed design, Logic integration & more
I've used one track of the AmpliTube recorder and it worked great.
I just realized I wasn't getting emails about replies!

Thank you everyone for your input...I am leaning towards the Focusrite iTrack Solo tudio:

iTrack Solo

I do have one more question that I'd like confirmed...the guitar input on the iTrack Solo is "instrument level". I know what that is in general, but I'd like to plug into the unit AFTER my effects. Can I go straight in AFTER my last effect pedal, or do I need ot use a DI? I have a Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro that has an "instrument level" thru connection. Just want to confirm before I buy!

Thanks :)

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