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Yeah Robert, I suppose too that a baritone is a baritone ;) I must have seen them but it never clicked before and when I saw neck scale of 28.5, I thought that it was long for a guitar (average guitar neck about 24” right?). Then I looked at the strings included and the high e is .025 (*normal* guitar is average .009 to .012 or so and the average treble string (g) on a 4 string bass is .045 or so?). I just couldn’t figure out whether this was a guitar or a bass. Can you strum this thing or is its purpose to be played more in an arpeggio way like you would do and keep the rhythm on a bass? I’ve done a bit of research now and I understand a little more. I think it *stroke a chord* with me and I find it interesting. I may look to buy one of those eventually.

So I apologize for my childish reaction (and rightfully perceived *dumb* thread).

I have seen or heard of bass VI before but just assume that it was a model of *normal* bass. I’m not sure about standard tuning though; I’ve seen a few different tuning associated with these. I know of alternate tuning but I’m not too familiar so far so in the end, you’re probably right Yerffej and it should all make sense to me someday (soon hopefully) :)

Thanks much!
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