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Bareknuckle Pickups

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Anyone have any experiance with these PUs. I,m hearing nothing but rave reviews for them. Hand made in the UK, expensive but great tone is what I,m told. Check out some clips at Cloick on products, then sound clips and it will take you to the samples forum. Check out the blackdogs in an Epi LP....awesome tones.
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I have a calibrated set of BK Crawlers in a Carvin CT3. Great pickups, and equally importantly, Tim Mills at BK is very accessible for advice on matching various models to the tone you're looking for (also important to match the pickups to the guitars' characteristics, IMO). I can't compare them to other makers, though. For anyone looking to invest in replacement pickups, you should also consider replacing pots, caps, etc. In most stock guitars, I'm pretty sure you're not going to hear the full performance potential with stock electronics, assuming you have a high-quality amp and signal chain.

I have an RS Superkit going in my CT3 right now, and should have an idea as to what kind of differences it might make shortly.
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